VOID, the idea of a visible sound emptiness

Created and based in Brussels since 2013, VOID is a collective of artists working with sound.

It is composed with Arnaud Eeckhout (Belgium, 1987) and Mauro Vitturini (Italy, 1985). The VOID's polymorphic practice is focused on questions about sound in different contexts. As the sound wave, their medium of prediclection, VOID's installations are time-based and adjusted to spatial conditions. Everything is a matter of the space resonance.

Fascinated by the immateriality of sound, the artists attempt to represent this absence through sculptural installations.

The first point to be addressed is the decision that two artists named their practice: VOID. What is the signification of this word and, most importantly, what is the link between their work and the name they chose. The word VOID stands for « emptiness », but the idea is going further in this case. For them, it is a matter of absence, or oblivion. In an interview with the curator and artist Stéphane Roy, they spoke about the link between the name and their work. For them, immateriality is the central point of their artistic experimentation. Indeed, the sound is not tangible and in addition, it is not always present. That is why the two artists worked on the silence and that their productions are often ephemeral as is the sound. In their work there is a kind of volatility similar with the sound which moves quickly and has a beginning and a end.

« We have, really franckly, a will of reality/ real and our work try to delimitate some contours, to reveal some elements of our perceptif field to release new points of view, to shake up the view we have on a thing or on an event? In this purpose, our research focus is the void, the interstice, the periphery around the event. Because we can see an uncontrolled space, inside which the reality express itself in a wilder way, this is more spontaneous. The sound, the immaterial medium, is for us a vector of choice in this prospection. Speaking about the emptiness, we like to paraphrase John Cage who defined the silence as an intentional sonore space, free from all of the constraints. »